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Music is The Soul of Your Business

Design your business as modern and stylish as you wish, if you do not complete the business with the right music, the business will be incomplete and you will not be able to create the effect you want to on your guests. In fact, the only thing that gives spirit to a place is music.

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We designed PlaceDJ to create the best ambiance no matter what type of venue you own.

By installing PlaceDj, you will discover
  • Hundreds of thousands of well organised songs by djs, on the basis of mood and venue type.
  • A great deal of unique playlists; wide spectrum of genre options and high sound quality.
  • Specially sampled and served content just for you.
Why is Place DJ is so unique and smart?
  • It is the one and only music application for venues, that is designed to create harmonic smart playlists on the basis of places.
  • It has great voice quality and the ability to switch smoothly between tracks with voice normalization, just like a real time dj.
  • It is user friendly and easy to use.
  • It is dynamic and renews the playlist on each call.

Tailored Music for any Business, Prepared by Professionals

The PlaceDj music team, with years of experience, creates elaborated music libraries that you can not hear anywhere else, by bringing together different styles of music, in harmony for businesses by picking the best songs. We created a huge, and growing music catalog with millions of songs.

How does Place DJ create the smart playlists?

You never need to think which songs for which type of customers, Place DJ will deal with it for you! All you need to do is to click on a play button and enjoy!

Experts within the PlaceDj, bring tracks together and compile buckets of music with inspirations from various music cultures among the world.

PlaceDj has been developed with a special sound algorithm to provide satisfying music experience.

Even with connection disruptions or disconnection, PlaceDj offers non-stop music experience.

Create daily and/or weekly themes with private timetables, change the energy of your locale by the minute.

Place Dj has ability to create the most unique playlists from song's energy and bpm of the songs.

All our playlists are harmonically pleasing, and will remind your customers, they are listening great music from time to time with surprise cross changes.

Music Categorization

Unlike other music providers, PlaceDj categorizes the music according to business concepts, not by genres. It harmonizes many styles of music in accordance with the concept of the businesses. The business manager only has to select the concept and press the 'PLAY' button.


Schedule the music to suit different times of the day. PlaceDj automatically starts and turns music off at the desired time. For instance, while it plays a light breakfast music at the time of breakfast, it can tune the music up and at night turns it off when is set. The next day it continues to play music by restarting itself with brand new songs.

Remote Control

With the remote control feature, you can manage the music for multiple locations on your phone. Wherever you are, you can adjust the volume remotely and change the playing style. And you can monitor what is playing on all of your locations.

Endless Music

When the internet connection is down, PlaceDj continues to play uninterrupted music.

What About My Personal Playlists

Playing music in a place of business, is far different from playing music for oneself. Business settings need a huge selection of music that's constantly updated. Playing song by song wastes time of the staff and usually becomes repetitive. It can even hurt sales.

Instant Access to Music & User Friendly

Listening to good quality music should not be difficult. PlaceDj does not require any additional hardware or installation. It works on all iOS, Android and web browsers. You just need to press the "Play" button, sit back and enjoy the music.

Getting Started

These are the essentials you need, and how to set everything up to start playing music.

Connect your device to your existing audio system

1. Audio System

You need an audio system. Your existing speakers will do just fine.

2. Device

Choose your device and connect it to your audio system. We support iOS, Android and all modern web browsers. 

Tailored for any Business

Whether you're a big chain or a small shop, we've got you covered.

Try for 30 days and see what music can do for your business.



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